Fantasy Update: 5 Players To Watch During Week 2

1. Jermaine Gresham

Dont get me wrong here, Andy Dalton still sucks, and I am pretty sure that whether it is him or Gradkowski under center, neither of them know how to throw the ball farther than 20 yards. Dalton tried throwing a bomb down the sideline in week 1 and Marvin Lewis had to put his physician on speed dial because his blood pressure went through the roof. Gresham had 8 targets in week 1 and a TD catch from a goal line package. He is slowly working his way up the TE food chain, mainly because his 10 yard routes are the only routes that Gradkowski or Dalton know how to throw. Since he is a red zone target, and the fact that the Bengals will probably be behind all game makes Gresham a top 5 TE this week.

Rumblin, Bumblin, Stumblin, Start Him

2. Willis McGahee

Even typing his name makes me reflect on the amount of sleep I lost from watching his knee explode like a volcano in the Fiesta Bowl. I was really high on Knowshon Moreno this year, but after he fumbled last week, McGahee took the reins and looked much more suitable to carry the ground load. With Moreno banged up, his run as the starting RB in Denver might be coming to an end if McGahee can perform well this weekend. He is definitely the preferred back when it comes to the goal line carries considering he has the size advantage over Knowshon. Look for McGahee to be a top 10 RB this week if Moreno can’t go, and even if he does play, McGahee is still a decent option for a flex play this week. I posted the aforementioned video for your viewing pleasure:

3. Aaron Hernandez/Rob Gronkowski

Considering Tom Brady takes advantage of defenses like I take advantage of drunk females at the bar, both TE’s are borderline elite plays from here on out. Brady throwing for 511 yards didn’t even seem like a fluke, some of his precision passes that only a few people in the world can make were so nonchalant. Defenses have been trying to zone in on Welker, Branch, and Ochocinco when he stops tweeting and decides to actually play football, which leaves a ton of room for both TE’s to have prime enough stats to start on a weekly basis. I never thought I would see the day where in a 10 team league the same team has dual tight ends that can both start every week, but that day has come. New England also had the most 2 TE sets of any team last week.

Please Stop Doing These Photoshoots Tom

4. Matthew Stafford

The Lions are for real, and believe me I have waited years to be able to say that. 305 yards and 3 TD’s last week is a sign of the future. Not to mention that this week the Lions are playing the Chiefs, a defense that gave up 4 passing touchdowns to Ryan Fitzpatrick of all people. The lions offense is much more dynamic than that of the bills and Stafford will be a top 5 QB this week. Calvin Johnson is just ridiculous, Pettigrew gives him a healthy option up the middle, and Jahvid Best is finally turning into a solid option as a check down back. If Stafford stays healthy, don’t be surprised if he ends the year as a top 10 QB for an underrated Lions offense.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Your Franchise QB

5. Plaxico Burress

Plaxxxxxxx is back. He was shut out in the first half in week 1, but once Sanchez started looking his way he looked like the elite receiver he used to be. I don’t know what is in the jails that is making elite NFL players, but I feel like people are going to start getting arrested on purpose so that when they get out they will dominate. I would say that Burress is a solid number 2 WR this week, even though ESPN only has him projected at 14 points. He is going up against Jacksonville and there is not a single name on that defense that makes me worry about Burress not getting his targets. If you have him, start him.

The 2015 Starters for the Bengals

5 Fantasy Football Lessons from Week 1

With two games tonight, and having locked up wins in both fantasy leagues I am in, I felt a little inspired to write a little article about what week 1 has taught us owners thus far. The good, the bad, the ugly, the frustrating, and the what the hell moments that kept our hungover selves glued to the TV for opening weekend.


1. The Chiefs Blow

It’s no surprise that the Chiefs aren’t expected to be a playoff team, but with a week 1 game at home against the Bills, owners were expecting some light out of guys like Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe. Charles was a top 5 overall pick this year, and in his first game against a defense that was dead last against the run last year (and it wasn’t even close, they gave up 250 more rushing yards than any other team) he was atrocious, although he did score the lone TD on a 6 yard pass from Cassel. The Chiefs defense was so bad that Charles almost immediately became a non factor because they couldn’t stop Hellen Keller if she was walking through quicksand. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 4 touchdown passes! My housemates and I could play 7 on 7 against the Bills and probably hold him to three. I was never really high on Jamaal this year, but his stock plummeted and it has nothing to do with his ability. If their defense can’t stop a beach ball with a tennis racket than he is going to be a non-factor for fantasy owners all year.

2. Cam Newton is For Real

Don’t want to say I told you so… but according to my last post, I told you so. I know – it’s only one game. But 440 total yards from a guy who is only owned in 25% of ESPN leagues, and was only started in 3% of ESPN leagues is pretty special. The biggest upside to Newton is that the Panthers are just so bad they are going to need Newton to go off every game just to keep them in it. He had the best fantasy day of any QB and his team still lost, which is definitely saying something. If he isn’t owned in your league, and you don’t have an elite QB (Vick, Rodgers, Brees, or Brady), I highly recommend grabbing him while you can.

3. DeAngelo Who?

This one hurts to write because I was really up on Dub Williams this year, even though Carolina decided to keep Jonathon Stewart around. They paid him 50+ million dollars and he gets 12 carries? I just don’t get it. Stewart was having more success against a decent-at-best Cardinals run defense, but I still think you gotta trust the guy who you just made the highest paid player on your team. Newton’s huge day was a huge catalyst to the horrendous day that Williams had, but in order for this team to win games D. Will is going to have to get more involved in the offense. He had zero fantasy points at half time, which is probably the first time that has ever happened in games he has started. He ended with a glorious 30 yards receiving and one non-sense catch, which is not what owners expecting to have a reliable number 2 back in their lineup were expecting.

4. D/ST Can Win Games

There is a reason why I always advise owners to pick and choose their defenses on a week by week basis. The Chicago Bears proved this week that the correct choice of defense can help you win a matchup. They had 20+ points in standard ESPN leagues, which is more than game-changing. They had 5 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries, a pick, only gave up 12 points, and held the ATL to under 400 yards of total offense. People that draft defenses early in their draft should have to wear a helmet, because it is a huge waste of a pick. Look at the matchups, and follow your defenses week-by-week progressions, and make educated choices. Many people in your league will be too lazy to do this, therefore giving you a better chance to win each and every week.

5. Ray Rice Might Be This Years Arian Foster

Rice was well known this year, but he was ranked really low by most experts and I had no idea why. I drafted 9th and 10th overall in my two drafts this year, and Rice fell to me in both drafts somehow. He was in my mind the 2nd best RB in the draft behind AP. Sure they got Ricky Williams, but Williams will not vulture in that offense like Willis McGahee had in the past. Rice is the most versatile RB in the league when it comes to being able to run the ball behind a great offensive line, and catch the ball out of the backfield, which is so crucial in PPR leagues. Another name that pops up is Reggie Bush, who might have a huge year this year because I don’t think Henne can throw the ball further than 20 yards. With the goalline vulture gone in Baltimore, don’t be surprised if Ray Rice becomes the top dog in fantasy football.