5 Reasons Not to Draft Mike Vick as Your First Pick

Cue the music… It’s the most wonderful time… of the year. Where football gets watching, and our hearts are stopping, and we all give the wonderful cheer! It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Fantasy football is among us and I am here to tell you why the one player who was the sole cause of thousands of matchups should NOT be a part of your team. I mean I know the argument, he can run and he can throw. But FF success is all about consistency. Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid Vick in the first round.

1. Draft a RB first

No matter your level of experience make sure you heavily study the dynamics of the point system that controls your league. I’ve heard a lot of stories, and I’ve experienced some situations first hand, where the commissioner will alter the point systems to favor certain positions, or the tendencies of certain players. It is crucial to know if you are in a PPR (point per reception) league, or not, as this should alter your draft strategy as well. Fact of the matter is, finding a replacement quarterback is a lot easier then finding a replacement running back, and this is why you should almost ALWAYS choose a RB in the first round. Not only are rushing touchdowns worth more then passing touchdowns, but the added receiving yards by capable backs and the occasional receiving TD will almost always trump even a huge day by your standard QB. Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Rashard Mendenhall, Jamaal Charles, and Maurice Jones-Drew should all come off the board before Vick is even coming to your brain.

2. Too Injury Prone

Get used to this picture this season:

Sick mouthguard bro

Maybe it’s karma for all the pitbulls that he hurt over the years, or maybe it’s because he’s just too risky on the field. It is impossible to put an offensive line together that can block consistently for someone who is out of the pocket as often as Vick. The Eagles were 3rd to last in sacks given up last season with 49. That’s 3 per game, and its fairly easy to predict that a shaky offensive line at best is going to have trouble keeping Vick injury free all season.

3. Schedule

Although they get the pleasure of having the Redskins in their division, they have to deal with the Giants and Cowboys twice a year – last season the Giants were 9th in the NFL in pass defense, and Dallas had the 7th most interceptions. They also play the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins this season – all 3 were in the top 10 in passing defense last season.

4. Defensive Coordinators Won’t Be Surprised

Last year Vick started the season as the backup behind Kevin Kolb, and when Kolb went down, Vick showed the entire league that he hadn’t lost a step while he was behind bars. During the lockout, what do you think most coaches were spending their time doing? Watching film. They couldn’t communicate with their players, or organize any team related activities so many defensive coordinators got to kick back, relax, and study more film then a normal off season. I can guarantee that not only the three teams in the Eagles division were paying special attention to Vick’s tendencies, but teams that play Philly early in the season such as the Rams and Falcons had to be taking notes around the clock. He won’t surprise any body this year, and won’t be putting up 40+ fantasy points a week consistently like he did last year.

5. If You Really Want to Take a QB: Take A-Rod

The question among fantasy analysts this summer has been A-Rod (the one not on roids) or dog beater guy.. I mean Vick. And Rodgers is by far the better option in my opinion. Over the last 3 seasons, A-Rod has averaged over 4000 passing yards and just under 300 rushing yards per season. Not to mention his passing TD to INT ratio is 87:32 over that same span. The tipping point though? He has atleast 4 rushing touchdowns in the last 3 seasons. And that is why A-Rod > Vick.

So there you go, even in a 10 team league, there is no reason for Vick to go in the first round.


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