The 10 (Active) Athletes We Love to Hate

Merry Christmas! Today is a day where we should all be thankful for our friends and families. It’s a day where we shove our faces at Christmas dinner and have the exact same conversation about what were doing with our lives about 15 times with different relatives. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to attend a Christmas party and have that conversation another 30 times. But I want to focus on something that makes us all happy, watching athletes we hate get beaten. The Bills 40-14 destruction of Tim Tebow and the Broncos yesterday prompted me to lay out a feast of hatred for my readers. Enjoy.

Honorable Mentions:

Tim Tebow, Albert Haynesworth, Alex Ovechkin, Sean Avery, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Kurt Busch, Alex Burrows, Cristiano Ronaldo.

10. Ron Artest … I’m Sorry: Metta World Peace (Los Angeles Lakers)

Oh yeah, he's a rapper too.

Talk about a class act, Artest apparently changed his name to Metta World Peace in order to help “inspire the youth.” Coming from the guy who jumped in the stands at the Palace in Detroit and started one of the biggest brawls in sports ever, and coming from a guy who thanked his psychiatrist after winning the NBA championship a few years ago, I find this hard to believe. There is never an excuse to attack fans, unless you’re Mike Milbury (the Boston Bruins shoe incident from 1979)… because that was just hysterical. A main reason why Artest is an athlete you love to hate is because he just lives in his own little world, and has absolutely no sense of reality, or respect.

9. Chad OchoCinco (New England Patriots)

Another guy who decided to change his last name for no particular reason at all, OchoCinco has been a player that sports fans have loved to hate for years. OchoCinco is one of the arrogant athletes who hit his prime for about a season but his mouth never stopped running. His over the top press conferences, ridiculous touchdown celebrations, and outrageous reality show moments are just the tip of the iceberg on why fans love to hate him. The fact that he is in New England now, a team hated pretty much every where except Massachusetts, doesn’t help his like-ability at all.

8. Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins)

This one hurts to write because as most of you know I am an enormous Penguins fan, and if I wasn’t this name might be higher on this list. There are many components to why Sid is hated, and I understand all of them. The first is the fact that he is without a doubt the best player in the world, and with great talent comes great skepticism. But that’s not enough to make this list, Crosby dives, he whines, he pouts, he can’t grow facial hair, and he put a javelin in the hearts of Americans by scoring on us in overtime of the Olympic Final in 2010. Now the fact that he has been out indefinitely twice due to multiple concussions, his toughness is being questioned by even his own beloved fans.

7. Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers)

One of the cockiest athletes in America, Rivers is another guy who is unbelievably unprofessional when it comes to making big plays. Talking trash to players is one thing, but Rivers has been caught multiple times talking trash to opposing coaches, which is highly frowned upon at any level. For a guy who has never won a ring, and never really came close for that matter, it’s enjoyable as a sports fan to watch such a cocky athlete continuously go downhill. The fact that the Chargers are 7-8 this year has even the public in San Diego whether or not he should stay or go.

6. Phil Mickelson/Tiger Woods (PGA Tour)

Accused of Adultery vs. Accused of being an Arrogant Prick

It is tough to say who golf fans love to hate more when it’s between Tiger and Phil. If you aren’t a huge follower of the sport you might wonder why someone could hate the pudgy, lovable lefty. Well, let me clear that up for you. Mickelson is known around tour for having almost zero respect for any other player that he tees up with. He is also notorious for his outrageous sports betting that he checks on his smart phone throughout rounds, and gives off that arrogant presence that isn’t really acceptable in a gentleman’s sport like golf. Take in mind that Woods is still heavily loved by fans, and Mickelson used to be his biggest threat to take away tournament victories from him, and you find a guy that a lot of fans love to watch hit the ball in the lake. Oh, and the fact that lefty’s wife is a bombshell doesn’t help his case. Tiger on the other hand… well do I even need to explain myself? He committed a disgusting amount of adultery and it cost him his wife, his image, multiple endorsements, and tens of millions of dollars. It always is Team Phil or Team Tiger. Pick your side.

5. Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles)

The guy got convicted of dog fighting… come on. He might be one of the most electrifying players in the game today, but he is also someone who at one point in time was the most screwed up loyally. Drive drunk and kill a man? America forgets, just ask Donte Stallworth. But kill a bunch of innocent dogs, now that’s just isn’t American.

4. Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)

When you think of crimes that are worse than holding your own dog fighting ring, only a few come to mind, one of those being

Ben, I know you're in the NFL but how could you cheat on her!?

rape. On the field, Roethlisberger is one of the toughest, and most feared quarterbacks by opposing defenses. In nightclubs, I’m pretty sure he is equally feared by opposing bachelorettes. Roethlisberger has never spent a night behind bars, yet he has been convicted of sexual assualt twice. Outside of Pittsburgh, he is the NFL player that sports fans love to hate the most.

3. Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers)

If there is anything that Kobe has taught us, it’s if you ever get caught cheating on your wife, while being accused of rape at the same time, just buy your wife a $4 million diamond ring and you’ll be fine. Don’t have that kind of money? Tough luck bud, and enjoy your time behind bars. On the court, Kobe is looked at as a ball hog and a guy whose selfish mistakes can cost his team victories, although he is still one of, if not the best player in the league right now. But no one likes a rapist, which is why Kobe is hated with immense passion throughout the United States.

2. Alex Rodriguez (New York Yankees)

First off, he’s a Yankee, and they’re only loved by people that are from a certain part of New York, because pretty much the rest of the world hates that money pumping franchise to death. Then take into account the fact that he used steroids, which in my mind should have much more severe punishments for infringements, then take into account that he has dated the likes of Cameron Diaz, Elaine Spottswood, and Kate Hudson (just to name a few). Finally, understand that a man who was found guilty of cheating (by taking steroids) in America’s past time gets paid $32,000,000 a year… if you didn’t hate him before, you should now. Oh, and he only hit .276 last year and only played in 99 games, which means he got paid $323,232 per game.

1. Lebron James (Clev… I mean Miami Heat)


Welcome to Cleveland.

I could write a novel on why this guy is hated. I’ve seen first hand what he did to Cleveland fans when he left, and I think that people from outside of the state of Ohio don’t really understand it to the fullest extent. Cleveland has perhaps the most passionate fan base in America, yet their sports teams continuously fail them every year. Cleveland hasn’t won a major sports title since 1964, and that was before the Super Bowl era. Put that into context, there are 47 year old Cleveland natives who haven’t lived to watch their beloved city win a championship in any major sport. Lebron was supposed to fix that. Lebron said he would fix that. “I won’t stop until I bring a championship to Cleveland,” he said. Take into consideration that he is from Akron! Lebron KNOWS the pain that the state of Ohio and the city of Cleveland have had to endure and yet he still left. But he didn’t just leave. He had a one-hour special on ESPN to announce his cowardly exit. He joined the likes of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to win “not 4, not 5, not 6” NBA championships. Lebron James is an egotistically selfish coward, which is why the entire sports world loves to hate him.


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